Kate Middleton Charms Everyone At Her First Solo Engagement

October 27, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton Charms Everyone At Her First Solo Engagement

She's got this princess thing down. When Prince Charles couldn’t make a dinner charity, he called in his much better-looking replacement, the Duchess of Cambridge.

In her first solo engagement, Kate Middleton represented Charles at a dinner party for charity In Kind Direct. Charles is great, but I'm sure guests were fine with the replacement.

Prince Charles was suddenly called to Riyadh to pay his respects to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family after the death of the Crown Prince. So, with only 24 hours notice, Kate slapped together an outfit and managed to look stunning at this stuffy dinner party.

The charity's chief executive Robin Boles told PEOPLE: "You would never know it was her first solo engagement. It was as if she had been trained by the Prince of Wales."

That probably has something to do with the fact that she was trained by the Prince of Wales.

"She was completely natural, professional and charmed everyone. She spoke to every single guest and was genuinely interested, and interested in continuing to help."

And even though she's royalty now, Kate hasn't forgotten her roots.

"She said she had already called her mum to tell her about us in case Party Pieces [the family's children's party company] had surplus products."

A Palace aide added: "She was so pleased that her first solo engagement was for the Prince of Wales, who has shown her so much support over the years."

The charity, In Kind Direct, was founded by Charles to get companies to donate their surplus goods to charity. The dinner was held for 30 guests at Clarence House, and the attendees were informed that Charles was sorry he had to miss the dinner but was sending his "darling daughter-in-law."

Man, this is so adorable. I wanna be British.

And, as always, Kate looked beautiful. She wore a strappy, pale blue, empire waist evening gown at the reception. She paired it with simple but gorgeous diamond earrings and kept her hair elegantly half swept up.

Meanwhile, her brother-in-law has been having a much more laid-back week. Prince Harry has been in the States for helicopter training. Over the weekend, Harry stopped in at the Walmart in El Centro, California. He picked up some Coke, pizza and beer. Earlier that day, he had a $6 breakfast. He hit up Pipes Café in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and had bacon and eggs. Hopefully some Pepto, too, at some point.

"He stood in line like everyone else," a source said.