Kate Middleton Betrayed by Hairstylist

November 26, 2013 By:
Kate Middleton Betrayed by Hairstylist
Image By: wenn.com

If you’ve wondered lately why Kate Middleton’s grey hairs are showing and her mane isn’t as luminous as it once was, it’s because she’s had a falling out with her longtime hairstylist.

The stylist she’s been with since her wedding day got a little too big for his britches and decided to make a name for himself as a “royal stylist” over here in the states.

“When he went solo and tried to tour around the USA, he launched a Facebook page and Twitter account which featured hundreds of pictures of Kate and her various hairstyles to promote his business – obviously, that did not go down too well with the Palace at all,” a source told the Telegraph.

We checked out his Twitter and he doesn’t have a single photo of her, so he must have deleted them in the fallout, or this is another UK tabloid rumor.

Either way, Kate should not have fired him. He was the man responsible for her flawless tresses. Those greys are creeping in and it’s not a good look.