Kate Middleton and Prince William Seeking Royal Housekeeper

June 7, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton and Prince William Seeking Royal Housekeeper

If you don’t mind cleaning up after royalty, dust of that resume. Prince William and Kate are currently seeking applicants for the position of Royal Housekeeper-Dresser. Duties will include general housecleaning and laying out Kate’s wardrobe for her. Mildred Baena need not apply.

"The decision to take on one member of personal staff ties in with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's intention to move out of Clarence House, where they previously benefited from the help of the domestic staff,” a palace source explains.

The housekeeper will also periodically provide valet service for the duchess. And if you think this is a position for the next Rachel Zoe, think again. The source adds that the dresser will not aide in helping Kate shop.

“The dresser is not a stylist,” the insider emphasizes. Alright, alright, we get it. It’s just throwing some crap on a bed for a princess.

The couple has opted not to have the usual amount servants employed by royalty. William and Kate have attempted to keep things relatively low-key. Except for, you know, that whole gigantic, worldwide wedding that cost enough to pay off the National Debt.

Since marrying in April, the couple has been doing their own housework while at their Anglesey home. Can you imagine? The horror.

Buckingham Palace has been informed to start asking staff to apply for the job. A source told UK’s Daily Mirror:

“The whole place is buzzing with excitement. Lots of people will want these prestigious jobs.”

Only when it comes to royalty is cleaning other peoples’ sh-t considered prestigious.