Kate Middleton and Prince William Open Children's Hospital

September 19, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton and Prince William Open Children's Hospital

The Royals are doing more good things. What's new? I can't wait for them to have a scandal. Except for them, the most scandalous thing they could do would be to get caught kissing in public.

Kate Middleton and Prince William will open a children's cancer center at the Royal Marsden Hospital later this month. William will become the president of the hospital and on Sept 29 the couple will unveil a plaque to officially open the center.

They are opening a children's hospital! That falls somewhere on the hierarchy of good deeds right above nursing a sick duckling back to health and right below being God.

These two are unstoppable. Well, they have to be. Kate Middleton's duty as the Duchess of Cambridge is to devote her career to royal charity work. When they announced the engagement, Kate had to stop working for her parents party planning company. The opening of the children's hospital is part of Kate's ongoing immersion into charity work.

"The Duchess is using the next few months to get to know a number of charitable and other causes better, so she can make well informed decisions about her future role."

Kate has currently been visiting lots of charities to figure out what sorts of causes she will work with.

"The Duchess has a broad range of interests. [The charities] will be different to but [will] complement her husband's existing interests."

Currently, Prince William and Harry created their own Foundation to support issues they care about. The foundation has three main goals: helping young people in society, raising awareness and support for service people, and sustainable living.

Prince William provides patronage to over 20 different charities including those in the fields of arts and athletics.

Right now, Prince William is focusing most of his attention on becoming captain in his Royal Air Force Search and Rescue squadron, so it will be Kate's role to work extensively with the new charities she chooses.

Imagine what their "how was your day" conversations sound like?

Kate Middleton: How was work?

Prince William: Oh you know, just piloted a helicopter and rescued some people including several three legged dogs that would have died, had I not intervened. How was your day?

Kate Middleton: Oh the usual, just removed some tar from the wings of thousands of penguins and opened an orphanage.

Prince William: Excellent, what's for dinner?