Kate Middleton Actually Due Next Week

June 27, 2013 By:
Kate Middleton Actually Due Next Week

What with all the celebaby hoopla happening over here in the states (Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, specifically) we COMPLETELY lost track of Kate Middleton.

Two things are happening right now. One, Kate is talking about her pregnancy, making this one of 3 occasions that we have actually heard her speak and two, Kate is due next week.

According to a source, when someone asked Kate how she was dealing with the new life growing inside her, Kate reportedly said, “I can’t believe it.”

OMG. She can’t believe it! Kate Middleton can’t believe she’s going to be a mom. She cannot. Will not. Absolutely CAN’T believe it.

You know what else Us Weekly heard about the baby? A source tells them, “it’s very exciting.”

Did you hear that? It’s exciting and Kate can’t believe it. What’s next? Kate’s “happy” and “can’t wait!” Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a royal "source." Why can't we give half-brained quotes about the royals? 

Next order of business…Kate might give birth on July 4th as opposed to July 11 like we all thought because apparently the royals were lying to us.  

First they trick us into the wrong due date and then they try to upstage our Fourth of July? Psh. 

Either way, in between fireworks and hot dogs, we will be on royal baby watch.