Is Prince William Getting Kate Middleton A Puppy for Christmas?

December 22, 2011 By:
Is Prince William Getting Kate Middleton A Puppy for Christmas?

Kate Middleton is about to experience her first official royal Christmas. And, according to reports, Prince William has a special gift for her this year: a puppy. He must’ve seen those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercials, too.

The Today Show reported from Buckingham Palace, saying: “speculation is swirling over what [Prince] William is going to get Kate for Christmas, [and] the general consensus at this point is that the Duchess of Cambridge is getting a puppy."

So much better than a Snuggie. In August, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla adopted a Jack Russell Terrier named Beth from a London animal shelter. And Queen Elizabeth is known for owning Corgis, as she’s had several of them throughout the past fifty years.

Kate will be spending the holidays with the Royal Family at Sandringham manor, Queen Elizabeth’s retreat in Norfolk. No in-laws or aides are allowed, so it will just be Kate vs. the Royals. The princess will "quickly learn that this is not like any Christmas she has had," a royal source tells Us Weekly.

After spending Christmas with the Wales (that has wacky holiday comedy written all over it), Pippa will head up to Sandringham to spend time with her sister.

Then Kate, William and Pippa "will all travel together back to Bucklebury and spend the remaining days of Christmas with the other Middleton family members."

I’m not sure what this puppy talk means for all the pregnancy rumors, but if you’ve seen Kate’s waistline lately, you know there’s no way that stomach is pregnant. I’m surprised her digestive system even fits in there.