Inside the Royal Baby Life

July 11, 2013 By:
Inside the Royal Baby Life

Contrary to popular belief, growing up royal ain’t easy.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, a.k.a. the most followed pregnancy in recent times, is nearing its due date.

Here’s a peek behind Buckingham Palace gates regarding what to expect for the rest of 2013…

Upon its arrival, Kate’s royal baby already comes with a price tag. Approximately $380 million! The amount of revenue this child will generate in the UK is estimated to be in the nine-figure digits with retailers already prepping to capitalize on the royal newborn by manufacturing memorabilia and collectibles.

We’ll soon learn the gender of the baby, but regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl, it’ll already be ushered into a world where he or she is referred to as “Your Royal Highness.” Because of a new law passed by all the commonwealths, even a girl can wear the crown this time around.

Don’t expect this to be the only royal baby from Kate and Prince William either. Growing up a royal traditionally means having anywhere from 3 to 5 siblings on average.

But then again, Kate has already proven she isn't the most traditional. It’s been reported by The Royalist that she’ll raise her son or daughter without the help of a nanny.

The royal child will be here any minute, and surely we’ll learn even more once he or she—with a name!—arrives.