How The Royals Are Spending Christmas

December 18, 2012 By:
How The Royals Are Spending Christmas

I’m assuming that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a Christmas holiday of royal proportions! Uggh, annoying royal puns aside, how are Kate Middleton and Prince William spending the Holidays?

We just really want to know because these two are just so fascinating.

For starters, the royal couple have already kicked off the holiday festivities. They enjoyed a private lunch with their entire staff at a restaurant in London.

They rented out the restaurant Bumpkin in Notting Hill and dined in a room dedicated to Queen Elizabeth appropriately called the “Queen’s Room.”

But for the actual Christmas Holidays, that is still up in the air.

There are rumors that Kate is ditching Buckingham Palace to spend the holidays with her own family. It will reportedly be the last Christmas at the Middleton family home before they move into a seven-bedroom mansion.

Also, Kate will be happy to leave the stuffy confines of Royal life if even for a few days.

“At home Kate will be able to relax and put her feet up. Christmas at Sandringham can be very busy and stressful with everyone arriving. There is always lots going on, big dinners and lots of outfit changes to contend with,” a royal source reportedly told The Daily Mail.

Of course by Sandringham they are referring to Sandringham House in Norfolk where they spent the holidays last year.

It’s also unsure if Kate and William will split up or if Will can go to the Middleton house with his wife.