How Kate Middleton Is Preparing For Royal Birth

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How Kate Middleton Is Preparing For Royal Birth
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Kate Middleton is about to embark on what is shaping up to be the most watched birth of all time.

How is she preparing for the monumental and surely stressful endeavor? In short: yoga.

A feature report in the new issue of Us Weekly fills in the blanks that fans and admirers have long been guessing at, specifically her workout regimen.

“Kate has a yoga instructor visit her at the palace," a source says.

In addition to downward-dogging, Kate has been taking long walks five days a week that are helping to “increase her heart rate a little.”

Also, as a first time mom-to-be, Kate is reportedly reading up on what it takes to care for an infant.

“She’s been reading as much as possible,” a source says. Topics covered in the selected literature range “from how to be a good parent to how to stay healthy for the baby.”

We’re sure her staff will help out with the stuff that she’s not as clear on…

Also, renovations to Kate and Will’s new 21-room apartment are coming along. But, in a perfect world, they’d be done by now.

“It’s stressful knowing she can’t move into her family home in time,” the source says. “Kate is itching to work on the design.”

Read more in Kate’s Us Weekly issue on stands now.