EXCLUSIVE: Kate Middleton's Topless Photos Were NOT Inside Job

September 24, 2012 By:
EXCLUSIVE: Kate Middleton's Topless Photos Were NOT Inside Job

Over the weekend, some sources alleged that Kate Middleton’s topless photos were the work of an “insider,” meaning someone who worked at the Chateau D’Autet (where the Royal couple were staying) tipped off the photographer, telling him how to get the photos and the best locations to do so.

Hollyscoop talked to a very reliable source close to the royals who told us that “there is no evidence that staff was involved in taking the topless photos of Kate.”

So, we’re back to square one: That a creepy paparazzi stood almost a mile away from the chateau and totally creeped on the semi-nude duchess.

Many thought the topless photos were an inside job, because how could the photog know exactly where to take the photos on such a top secret vacation?

The latest news in this scandal is that 5 magazines have published the photos, but the Royals won an injunction against “Closer” magazine to not repost any of the photos.

However, at this time, there are no official updates on the investigation.

“There are no updates to report at this time,” a rep for the palace tells Hollyscoop.