Duke and Duchess Donate Land Rover Wedding Gift

September 6, 2011 By:
Duke and Duchess Donate Land Rover Wedding Gift

These two! Just when you thought the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were beyond wholesome and perfect, they go and do another good deed!

Kate Middleton and Prince William were gifted a Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) Land Rover on their wedding, but the couple, who has everything, has decided to donate the vehicle to the MREW (Mountain Rescue England and Wales).

While the US government is hitting debt ceilings and arguing over whether or not Sarah Palin is too much of a media whore to run for president, over in England they are giving away free cars. They are like the Oprah of the UK!

Prince Will and Kate held a drawing at Clarence House with Prince Harry to draw out of a hat who, amongst 26 possible rescue teams, would receive the vehicle.

The Patterdale team in the Lake District won the Land Rover, who then gifted the car to the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team.

So much generosity in the UK! This is not the same thing as donating a trash bag full of last season’s clothes to Goodwill.

Duke and Duchess: “Here, you take this car I don’t need it.”

Patterdale Rescue team: “No, I surely cannot have it.”

Duke and Duchess: “No, I insist.”

Patterdale Rescue team: “Nevermind, let’s just continue clinking our tea cups together.”

Duke and Duchess: “Cheers.”

Patterdale Rescue Team: “Cheerio!”

“The vehicle will be greatly appreciated,” says Keith Montgomery, honorary secretary of Glossop Mountain Rescue Team. “Our present vehicle only has a shelf life of about six months and we were embarking on a major fundraising exercise to raise more than £45,000 to replace it.”

However, this re-gifting isn’t that weird for royalty. Royal protocol dictates that, unless gifts are from family members and close friend, wedding gifts are generally donated to charities and other organizations.

When the two were wedded on April 29, they told the public that if they wanted to give something they could do so to one of 26 hand-picked charities.

A royal spokesperson said, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted these charities are able to benefit so positively from their special day.”

“They would like to thank everyone who donated and contributed so generously to the charitable fund and for all the kindness and support shown to them throughout the wedding period.”

The wedding gift fund raised more than 1million British pounds, which in US Dollars is a lot. I would google pound-to-dollar translator, but my fingers hurt.