Coroner: Nurse in Royal Hoax Hung Herself With Scarf

December 13, 2012 By:
Coroner: Nurse in Royal Hoax Hung Herself With Scarf


New details are trickling in regarding the tragic, confusing death and apparent suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who fell for an Australian radio DJ pair’s royal prank.

What was officially reported as “found unconscious near the hospital” has now been updated to “found hanging by a scarf” in her room. 

Saldanha was reportedly discovered hanging from a wardrobe by one of her colleague and a security staffer at the King Edward VII Hospital where she was working and where Kate Middleton was being treated, this, according to CBS News who relayed the info from the Coroner’s Officer Lynda Martindill who spoke with a British inquest. 

It’s unclear from CBS’ report if Saldanha’s body was found in her home or on hospital grounds, but based on other reports it appears as though she was found in staff accommodations. 

Three notes were discovered with the nurse’s body, the contents of which have not been released. 

Based on intel from police detective chief inspector James Harman injuries were also found on her wrists, but no suspicious circumstances were reported. A suicide is so far the only likely cause of death. 

Police have launched a full investigation in the wake of the tragedy in an effort to learn the reasoning behind Saldanha’s decision to take her own life. This includes examining the notes and interviewing Saldanha's friends and family. 

As we previously reported, Saldanha was discovered unconscious three days after she answered a prank call to the hospital from Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian, who pretended to be the queen and Prince Charles. Medical staff was unable to revive her.