Celebrity Astrologist Predicts Babies for Royal Couple

July 12, 2011 By:
Celebrity Astrologist Predicts Babies for Royal Couple

Kate Middleton and Prince William are such a fairytale story it seems like nothing could go wrong and it seems like it wont. Hollyscoop talked to Celebrity Astrologer Terry Nazon who told us that the Royal couple truly are a match made in royal heaven.

“Do I think they are soul mates? Absolutely. Are they in love? Absolutely. Is he so attracted to her? Absolutely. Does she do it for him? Absolutely,” Nazon tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Princess Diana was known for having a personal psychic and astrologer, so did Diana guide these two together from the Heavens?

Nazon tells us that “I also feel like astrology or psychics had an influence in this marriage…She was his mother and of course she’s going to be very connected and very tied to him.”

But the biggest bombshell is that Nazon predicts the couple can expect a visit from the Royal stork very soon, “I think this year there’s going to be an announcement that they’re going to have a baby. It could be as soon as the first week of August or it could be in October. I think definitely by June of 2012 we’ll have little princes or princesses.”

Nazon even thinks there could be a double surprise for Kate, “I can’t rule out twins for her, I can’t rule that out.”

And if you’re sick of hearing about the royal couple, get used to it. “10 years from now we might hear about another set of babies coming along,” Nazon tells us.