Buckingham Palace Hopes For Baby Girl, Says Insider

December 4, 2012 By:
Buckingham Palace Hopes For Baby Girl, Says Insider


It seems like everybody’s got royal baby fever.

The details are still pouring in about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s now highly anticipated first child. While the palace has been mum since the official pregnancy announcement, those closest to the situation are sharing their thoughts and expectations.

Charlie Jacoby, an expert on the royal family for over 20 years, tells Hollyscoop that a daughter could leave the biggest mark on the kingdom.

“We prosper under women,” says Jacoby, adding, “and we remember queens more fondly.”

While there’s plenty of interest surrounding the princess’ pregnancy—which likely comes as a breath of fresh air following multiple nude photo scandals this summer—the insider says that things likely won’t change much around the palace while Kate is carrying the child. That is, aside from the über attention of the press…

“I think he [Will] will try hard to shelter the baby,” says Jacoby. “There is going to be an enormous appetite for royal baby pictures, so it's going to be tough.”

Unless something tragic happens, though, Jacoby confirms—boy or girl—the child will be next in line after Will to assume the thrown.

“Short of murder or abdication, 100 perfect on current popularity,” says Jacoby.

In terms of the vastly confusing subject of the newborn’s surname, well…that’s a little less clear.

“It would take a chapter in a book to answer that one. If it's a question of tradition, the royals get to make it up,” says Jacoby. “It will probably be Mountbatten Windsor.”

Little is known for certain about Kate’s pregnancy, other than the fact that she is still in the early stages and is suffering from acute morning sickness. As we previously reported, psychic Jayne Wallace predicted that Kate will have a girl and that the child will be one of several siblings to come…

And, as long as we’re getting super ahead of ourselves, in the off chance that Kate has twins, Jaboy says that whichever child arrives first will wear the crown.

“The first one out would be in succession for the throne,” he says.