Baby Morph: Kate Middleton and Prince William's Future Daughter

December 3, 2012 By:
Baby Morph: Kate Middleton and Prince William's Future Daughter

Why wait until next year to get of load Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton's new baby when we’ve got the exclusive first look right here? The answer to that is there is no reason and you shouldn't.

I should probably preface the next words I’m about type by saying that Princess Kate’s pregnant. If you are just learning this now, welcome to five hours ago...

Anyway, Hollyscoop—like the rest of the universe with a reliable Internet connection—has been busy dreaming up what the royals' first child will look like.

We’ve been frantically gathering details surrounding the soon to be newborn to come up with a blueprint of what we can expert. 

Here’s what we know:

It’s going to be human — Seeing as, to our knowledge, both of the child’s parents of the Homo sapiens and not robots.

It’s going to be a girl — This according to professional psychic Jane Wallace, who spoke with HS exclusivelly. (We verified Ms. Wallace as a credible source when she accurately predicted Kate’s pregnancy before the official word came in from the Royal Palace.)

She’s going to be friggin’ adorable — I mean come on…Kate’s looks, plus Will’s charm, and you think this kid’s going to pop out an uggo? I don't think so.

She’ll wear a crown — Royal babies come with those, right?

The baby will have sass — Seeing as Psychic Wallace also predicted that Kate and Will’s lil’ girl will be one of at least three, she’ll obviously be the boss of the family.  Also, she’s going to be a freakin’ queen. A chip on the shoulder is unavoidable.

So we come we fed all these hard facts, along with pictures of Will and Kate, into our state-of-the-art BabyMorphing device (eBay), and here’s the photo that we came up with. You’re welcome.