Anne Hathaway Wants To Play Kate Middleton

August 24, 2011 By:
Anne Hathaway Wants To Play Kate Middleton

Who can blame her?

Remember way back when Anne Hathaway was that cute girl from the Princess Diaries? Well, if she has it her way, she might be playing royalty again.

Hathaway was asked on the red carpet if she would consider playing Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Anne responded: "I haven't really thought about it before but yes, why not. She's great. It's such a fairytale."

A fairytale that cost British taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. But that dress was sooooo beautiful!

Anne is apparently a big fan of the Duchess, saying that she's "utterly charmed" by the romance between Will and Kate. On the subject of Kate's hair, Hathaway said:

"Jesus, that is bouncy. All the things that must be done to allow the crown to stay on . . . I can't even imagine."

Speaking of hair, that perfect chestnut blowout is one thing Kate and Anne have in common. That, and their undeniable grace.

She might have to work on that accent though. Anne hasn’t been getting the best reviews of her debut British inflection in One Day.

"This was across the board the most challenging thing I've ever done," Anne said of taking on the accent. "I did my best and I worked really hard at it."

No doubt Anne could take on the role, but there are a few other actresses who might be a good fit, too.

Back when Lifetime was producing Will and Kate, the movie about the couples' love story, Katie Holmes was rumored to be playing Kate Middleton.

I'm sorry, I just don't see this one happening. Katie is good for playing a cute side character, but a role of this magnitude? I don’t think so. She'll always be Joey to me. I can only imagine the reason this rumor surfaced is because these two have the same first name.

Natalie Portman was also rumored to play Kate. While Natalie might be the perfect choice looks-wise, I think she's a little out of the league of who wants to make a romantic movie about Kate Middleton. With her Oscar win, it seems like Portman is done with her Just Friends days. She didn’t even go to any of the junkets. Her movie choices are going to be more carefully considered. And I doubt they'll include Ashton Kutcher anymore.

Emma Roberts' name was also tossed in. This one, I can see. She's trying to shed her Nickelodeon image, and this would be the perfect route to go. And Anne Hathaway is her role model. So she's on the right track career-wise. Roberts says of her other icons:

"I've Netflixed all of the Gwyneth Paltrow movies. I'm a huge fan of hers. She's kind of my idol at the moment. I really like Kirsten Dunst. She did a lot of cool, fun teen movies, and she's also done some serious roles. I like her style, and I think she seems pretty interesting -- on actors that inspire her."

If they're planning on making a Kate Middleton biopic, I say go with Emma. Who do you think would be a perfect fit?