VIDEO: Kate Hudson & Lea Michele's Leotard Fight

December 5, 2012 By:
VIDEO: Kate Hudson & Lea Michele's Leotard Fight

Here’s a reason for our 2.5 straight male readers to keep scrolling. Kate Hudson and Lea Michele have a girl their leotards. We have the video.

Of course, this bizarre girly brawl happened on “Glee,” the only show where the plot never makes sense and somehow that’s ok.

We had been waiting for this moment ever since “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy teased us with a twitpic of Kate in a pair of fishnet stockings.

But back to the leotard fight. For whatever reason, Lea’s character decided to get into a dance off with her drama instructor as played by Kate Hudson because that’s how all conflict is settled on “Glee.” They were probably fighting over who’s younger. Of course, they sung and danced to the tune of “All That Jazz” from Chicago.

As a musical theater enthusiast, this is a lame interpretation of “All That Jazz,” I mean, Catherine Zeta-Jones could high-kick better than Kate and she had to stand on a piano! But for any straight males out there reading this, Happy Wednesday, it’s hot chicks getting huffy and not wearing very much clothing.

That being said, I had no idea Kate Hudson could sing that well.

Also, this is the last episode that Kate will appear in. So enjoy this video while you can, because that’s all the Kate Hudson singing/dancing you’ll get for now.