Report: Kate Hudson Gets a Boob Job

April 15, 2010 By:
Report: Kate Hudson Gets a Boob Job

Kate Hudson has gone and pulled a Heidi Montag on us. Kate has reportedly upped her chest size by getting breast implants.

But don't worry, she doesn't look like a plastic mess like Heidi, she got fairly small implants put in that help her fill out a dress.

According to Us Weekly, a plastic surgeon performed a small breast augmentation on Kate in late March.

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That would explain why she's been MIA lately! But she did look noticeably fuller while poolside in Miami on April 9th.

A friend tells Us Weekly, "Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities."

While unnecessary plastic surgery is always, well, unnecessary, Kate's boob job was tastefully done so she gets a pass this time. Let's just hope she doesn't get wildly addicted like Heidi.