Kate Hudson's Sons Name Revealed, Plus Other Wacky Celeb Baby Names

July 14, 2011 By:
Kate Hudson's Sons Name Revealed, Plus Other Wacky Celeb Baby Names

Kate Hudson's rocker baby daddy, Matt Bellamy, revealed the name of the couple's newborn son: Bingham Hawn. We didn't expect a normal name—after all, they're celebrities. But this one sounds like someone from Boston trying to say, "bring 'em on." Bellamy tweeted:

"So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy. Born 7lb 12oz, on 9th of July."

It's been quite a year for celebrity babies. It seems like a new one is popping out every week. So which celebs gave birth in 2011?

Mariah Carey: Mariah gave birth to her two twins—Morocco and Monroe—on April 30th. And thank god, because she was getting a little too obsessed with tweeting her big ol' naked belly. I almost flagged it as inappropriate.

Natalie Portman: Natalie Portman made pregnancy look good. Somehow a human life fit inside that tiny frame, and in June, Portman gave birth to her first child, Aleph. Portman was pregnant during the entire red carpet season this year, and we loved seeing her maternity looks.

Miranda Kerr: The Victoria's Secret supermodel and her famous husband, Orlando Bloom, welcomed their new son into the world at the beginning of the year. Kerr recently revealed she had an out-of-body experience during childbirth and thought she was going to die. Personally, it made me never want to have children. In fact, if women refuse to reproduce and mankind dies out, we have Miranda Kerr to blame.

Victoria Beckham: Victoria has two sons, but gave birth to her first girl just recently. Hollyscoop talked to new dad David Beckham, who told us having a little girl is "a whole different thing." We're sure Victoria is happy to have another lady around. Although, when your husband is David Beckham, I doubt you're complaining about all the testosterone in your house.

Alicia Silverstone: In typical celebrity fashion, Alicia Silverstone gave her son a really bizarre name: Bear Blu. It sounds less like a kid's name and more like a Winnie The Pooh character, but since Stone is an animal rights activist, I guess it makes sense.

Pink: Pink gave birth to Willow Sage Heart, her first child, on June 2. Pink tweeted the birth announcement right after it happened. Lets just hope she nursed her baby and not her smartphone.

Penelope Cruz: It's been a year for boys. Cruz gave birth to her son with Javier Bardem on January 22. The couple named their son Leo Encinas Bardem. With parents as good looking as these two, this kid's a heartbreaker in training.