Kate Hudson's Implants: Where Are They?

May 4, 2010 By:
Kate Hudson's Implants: Where Are They?

Good sense in Hollywood is hard to find, and even when you do find it, it comes in the form of small breasts.

The waifish Kate Hudson has finally succumbed to peer pressure and allegedly gotten herself a new pair of breasts; however, it seems that she is not in tune with the way things are done in Hollywood.

Instead of getting implants that stretch her skin to its limits, she opted for a barely noticeable enlargement that fits her figure and personality. Unfortunately this is sure to be a disastrous decision for her career. Kate's breasts are now large enough to make her threatening to women audiences, but not ample enough to attract the men. She is now neither the lovable girlfriend, nor the voluptuous vixen.

If the goal was to barely differentiate herself from a starving prepubescent boy, then she succeeded wildly. I have a feeling, however, that she really wanted the Hollywood look, but had too much common sense to go all out, and now she is stuck with breasts that are still smaller than her biological father’s Wikipedia page.