Kate Hudson To Guest Star On 90210?

April 15, 2009 By:
Kate Hudson To Guest Star On 90210?

Times must be tough in the biz if actresses like Kate Hudson are making guest appearances on TV shows. The horror! Kate’s rumored to have agreed to make an appearance on 90210.

In Touch is reporting that Kate has agreed to the gig as a favor to Sara Foster, her good friend who is also joining the cast. She’ll be playing Naomi’s crazy older sister on the show.

According to In Touch, Kate was a big fan of the original 90210, and has always wanted to work with her friend Sara, so this was a perfect fit.

Kate’s rep totally denies that she’s stooping down to television work. But we think Kate should do it! A lot of big name actors are doing TV guest spots these days. It makes the show a little more interesting!