Kate Hudson to Convert A-Rod to Buddhism

October 23, 2009 By:
Kate Hudson to Convert A-Rod to Buddhism

Kate Hudson seems to really have a hold on Alex Rodriguez. The two are still going strong, and Kate has been by his side through the entire playoffs.

And now we hear Kate is trying to convert her man to Buddhism. What’s with A-Rod picking women with such strict religious views? First Madonna and Kabbalah, and now Kate.

A source close to Rodriguez tells the NY Daily News Alex is a "religious chameleon" who is now considering a change to Buddhism, thanks to girlfriend Kate Hudson.

"It's an important part of her life," says the insider about Kate, who was raised Buddhist. "And it seems like Alex really just wants to make her happy."

An eyewitness sitting behind Kate at Yankee stadium at last Friday’s game says she even brought Buddha prayer beads with her to the game, carefully laying them across the railing in front of her seats.

"It was a long strand of brown beads, and she and her friends would pick them up from time to time,” the source says.

A friend of Kate’s says, "Goldie more than approves of Alex. If he becomes a Buddhist, it'll only seal the deal."

Sounds like Alex just goes with the flow to please his woman of the moment. Do you see him lasting with Kate Hudson?