Kate Hudson Seen Kissing Ex

August 1, 2008 By:
Kate Hudson Seen Kissing Ex

Kate Hudson and Lance's breakup just went public yesterday, and she must not be too upset about the split, because she was already seen macking on another guy. And it happens to be her ex-husband Chris Robinson!

According to Ok! Kate arrived at Teteboro airport in New Jersey with Ryder, and was met by Chris.

The source says, "They were really affectionate with each other and gave each other a kiss which lasted much longer then a platonic kiss should last — 20 seconds, maybe a little longer. Without going into all the details the kiss was more than just friends. They seemed like something more going on and were very affectionate with each other."

Now that they've split, we can't really picture Kate and Chris getting back together. What do you guys think?