Kate Hudson Secretly Married Matt Bellamy

March 16, 2012 By:
Kate Hudson Secretly Married Matt Bellamy

You think you know a celebrity.

Kate Hudson and her Muse baby daddy, Matt Bellamy, have reportedly already tied the knot, according to Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn.

The two have been engaged since April of last year, but as it turns out, they may have wed in secret.

In an interview with ES magazine, Goldie said: “When my daughter Kate married an English rock star [Matt Bellamy] it didn’t worry me; all that matters that the relationship is a good one. What people do is not necessarily who they are.”

Put this down as another celebrity wedding we missed out on, including Natalie Portman’s. I swear, it was all that Kardashian hoopla. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

“My kids are fantastic with their children,” Hawn continued. “They have an amazing parental ethic and I’m very proud of them for that.”

And unlike Madonna, Kate hasn’t adopted a fake British accent since marrying the Englishman.

“Kate hasn’t picked up too many English mannerisms, she’s held on to her identity quite well.”

Kate and Matt started dating in 2010, and back then, Hudson said she was in no rush to walk down the aisle.

“One thing at a time. We'll say hello to our new one and enjoy that for a while."

Last week, Kate and her (I guess) husband were spotted having a night out with Goldie in London. Goldie was photographed looking rather—how should I put this—freakin’ wasted, as her driver poured her into her car.

I can only hope to have that kind of tolerance when I’m that age.