Kate Hudson Moves in With Alex Rodriguez

September 2, 2009 By:
Kate Hudson Moves in With Alex Rodriguez

Things are really heating up between Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez, so much so that she's reportedly already moved into his New York Apartment!

Hudson is a serial dater, so we're not the least bit surprised that this relationship would move this fast, but moving in after just a couple months may not be the best idea--especially since there are kids involved.

“Kate’s always at his New York apartment, even on the days when he’s on the road,” a Rodriguez pal told In Touch magazine.

“She’s made herself quite comfortable in his life. She’s met his oldest daughter and her son likes Alex,” the friend said. “Kate has become very serious about him.”

Hudson's son must be so confused. That poor kids has met so many of mommy's "friends" that eventually just disappear. That can't be good for her kid.

What do you think about Kate moving in with Alex? Was it a good idea? Do you think they'll last?