Kate Hudson Hangs with Gal Pals to Get Over A-Rod

December 28, 2009 By:
Kate Hudson Hangs with Gal Pals to Get Over A-Rod

Kate Hudson usually moves right on to a new guy after a break-up, but not this time! She decided to jet off to Aspen this past weekend and spend time with her girlfriends to attempt to get over Alex Rodriguez.

Sources say the actress is surrounding herself with her gal pals rather than moving on to the next guy she sees. “Kate is a serial dater, but it seems like she wants to take some time off and just be with her girlfriends,” a source told the New York Daily News.

Over the weekend, Kate was spotted shopping in Ralph Lauren with Elle Macpherson and was later seen grabbing ice cream at Paradise Bakery across the street.

Apparently her New Year’s Eve plans were ruined by the sudden break-up. A source says, “They were both scheduled to appear together at several bashes. Obviously that’s not happening now — she canceled! She canceled everything; she’s not going to Miami at all.”

But that doesn’t mean A-Rod is staying home. Insiders say his split from Kate hasn’t stopped his partying ways. “Alex is probably still going, and no doubt will be flirting up a storm – as he usually does,” says the source.

We’re happy Kate is finally slowing down a little on the dating scene. She never picks the right guy, and that must be hard for little Ryder to see Mommy go through so many boyfriends.