Kate Hudson Goes Topless For ‘Glamour’

March 5, 2013 By:
Kate Hudson Goes Topless For ‘Glamour’

Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities who we never really think about ever, and then she shows up on a magazine topless or wears a leotard in an episode of “Glee” and we’re like, “Oh Kate Hudson is doing things? What has she…OH BOOBS!”

So here’s Kate on the cover of Glamour, with a caption that reads, “Damn Kate, You Look Good! A Peek into Her Hot, Happy Life.” The story is rife with fluffy dialogue about how her life is perfect, because if there’s one thing we love more than celebrities it's knowing that their lives are so much better than ours. NOT.

She talks about her “fiery” personality, “I have always been fiery, I go after things. But what I learned from my mother [Goldie Hawn] is to step back and actually experience things that are happening. So for me, it’s about meditating. My Everest is to have that become a real part of my life.”

 We’re struggling to find another part of this interview that isn’t totally self-indulgent, so here she is talking about her kids.

“[My son] Ryder is the coolest cat – an amazing big brother, so patient and tolerant. Bing pulls his hair and Ryder just laughs. He’s such a good person. I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.”

Oy vey, even her kids are perfect.

Full interview at Glamour.com