Kate Hudson 'Glee' Promo Arrives

August 16, 2012 By:

Sassy one liners, overacted performances, and cover songs… Must be “Glee” is back!

Following the hyped-up promotional photos featuring guest star Kate Hudson from series creator, Ryan Murphy, a new teaser for Season 4 of the FOX series has arrived. The 30 second spot is packed to the brim with all the things Gleeks have come to know and love about the show, promising a fabulous season ahead.

The teaser does a good job highlighting what is becoming the most anticipated storyline of the new year. Rachel, played by Lea Michele, moves to the Big Apple to attend the performing arts school at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. However, what she discovers isn’t exactly peaches and cream.

“I bet you were a big star in Iowa,” says Hudson.

Rachel replies, “Actually, I'm from Ohio.”

"Ohio! Even worse," Hudson says.


Kate plays the malicious Cassandra July, Rachel’s dance instructor at the institute. While she looks great in a leotard, Cassandra doesn’t exactly give off the warmest first impression.

The actress has been featured in a series of tweets from Murphy’s spiffy new account in order to hype the season. First came a shot of Kate and Lea arm-in-arm on set, appearing much chummier than they do in character. She was also snapped and shared in a mid-dance move looking all sorts of hot by the creator earlier this week.

Meanwhile, back at high school, everything seems back to normal as the glee club is “coming off a national championship.” There’s a whimsical Jane Lynch, slushies to the face, and impromptu choreographed sing-alongs… You know, regular high school…

Season 4 of “Glee” starts up officially Thursday, September 13 at 9/8c on FOX.