Kate Hudson Doesn't Mind Watching Her Parents Have Sex

May 17, 2010 By:
Kate Hudson Doesn't Mind Watching Her Parents Have Sex

Kate Hudson doesn't mind watching her parents have sex on screen because she grew up in a home where it was totally normal. Um...ok.

“Did I find it embarrassing? Not me. I always thought my mother was so damn cute!” said Kate.

"I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a pleasure, but it never bothered me. My brothers might feel differently about it but, for me, I felt my parents laid it out for us pretty well.

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But Kate explains that sex wasn't taboo in her home. They talked about it openly. “We always had a good perspective about sex. When you grow up with parents in showbiz who are loud and funny and the life of the party, you get pretty relaxed about that stuff.”

Now that Kate's a mom, she's going to shield her son a little more than her parents did. “I normally take him on the set with me, but not for that one,” she said. “‘Mummy is going to be naked on the bed, smoking and getting spanked in the next scene, honey!’

She continued, “I guess it will be weird for him when he does eventually watch it. I had to watch my dad die in films. I was 13 when I saw Backdraft and I was bawling.”

It must be confusing for her little boy when Mommy has a new boyfriend every six months, but growing up with Goldie and Kurt as grandparents, that kids gotta be open minded!