Kate Hudson Begged Matthew to Wear Deodorant

January 28, 2008 By:
Kate Hudson Begged Matthew to Wear Deodorant

Actress Kate Hudson, who stars alongside Matthew McConaughey in their upcoming flick 'Fools Gold' begged her co-star to ditch his 'no deodorant' rule during love scenes.

McConaughey refuses to wear deodorant or cologne but insists that he showers a few times a day. His natural 'musk' was a big turn off for Kate so she bought him natural deodorants hoping he'd wear them.

He said, "She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says, 'Would you please put this on?' "I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant."

Body Odor is a big NO NO. The hottest guy can lose major points if he smells, so maybe Kate wasn't so lucky after all!