Kate and Lance Take Their Romance To Canada

June 16, 2008 By:
Kate and Lance Take Their Romance To Canada

Kate Hudson might not like to talk about the fact that she’s dating Lance Armstrong but she’s not hiding him from the public either. Kate Hudson was the supportive girlfriend this weekend when she showed up to Lance’s charity bike ride in Canada.

The two reportedly spent 3 days together before his bike ride in Muskoka, Ontario. Their relationship must be somewhat serious because Kate was even spotted shopping with her son Ryder and Lance’s kids.

After the charity cycle ride which raised over $1 million for cancer research, the pair attended a post event dinner together.

A source told People, "He was laughing and she was laughing and they put their arms around each other. It was sweet."

We get it, these two are together and it seems like they are very happy to be together for now. Do you guys think it will actually last?