A-Rod's Former Lover Warns Kate Hudson He's a Player

July 15, 2009 By:
A-Rod's Former Lover Warns Kate Hudson He's a Player

As if Kate Hudson needed even more of a reason to end her fling with Alex Rodriguez, now one of his old lovers is speaking up! An old flame of A-Rod’s named Alicia Marie tells Star magazine that Kate is making a big mistake by dating the baseball stud.

Alicia, a fitness expert, was with Alex for four years while he was still with his wife. She tells Star, "Kate is setting herself up for disaster if she is taking Alex seriously!"

Alicia and Alex met back in 2004 at Tao in New York City. She says, "When I was with him, he never said anything about his wife. I figure he had some kind of arrangement, since he was still married."

Alicia warns Kate about the relationship going to the next level. She says, "If they're together, they must have something in common. But I hope she's just having fun with him, because he's the type of guy who will break your heart!"

We don’t expect Alex and Kate to go too much further! Not only is he a player, but so is she! She bounces from guy to guy, so one of them are bound to get bored of the other one.