Top 10 Most Overexposed Reality Stars

April 23, 2010 By:
Top 10 Most Overexposed Reality Stars

When you’ve had a long rough day, nothing beats tuning out from your own reality and flicking on a good trashy reality show! The mindless entertainment may make you feel dumber than before you turned it on, but damn it’s good!

But there’s a thing called overexposure in Hollywood, and reality shows are an easy route to that happening. Some celebs realize when it’s time to move on, like Lauren Conrad did. And then there are the stars that can’t seem to get enough in the limelight.

We at Hollyscoop have compiled our list of the top 10 reality TV we wish we could put on a boat that never returned.

10. Jake Pavelka: Just when we thought his time was up when the Bachelor concluded, we get slapped with the news that he’s competing on this season’s Dancing With the Stars. We already were upset that he picked Vienna over Tenley, and now we have to see him for the next few months on a new show!

9. Snooki: We wish we could include the entire cast of Jersey Shore on this list, but like her bumpit, they’d take up too much room. At first we sided with Snooki. She made the show entertaining with all her man drama. But now her diva behavior and demanding ways is making us fall out of love with her like every guy she seems to meet.

8. Whitney Port: Whit rode on the coattails of Lauren Conrad as long as she could, but when she was offered her own show across the country, she fled to New York City like a bat out of hell. Case in point, The City is about as dry as Port’s personality, and…confession…we’re not even huge fans of her style! Were pretty surprised that her show has lasted this long, since her silly facial expressions are the best part of it.

7. Scott Disick: At this point, no one could convince us Scott is a good guy—not even Kourtney Kardashian. He’s the epitome of doucheyness, and the episode where he shoved money down the waiter’s throat at TAO solidified our hatred towards him and his ridiculous loafers.

6) Pretty Wild Girls: Most people don’t even know who these girls are, and with any luck it’ll stay that way so they won’t get a season 2. Alexis was a part of the infamous “Burglar Bunch,” who stole from celeb houses, and put their findings on eBay. Way to reward her, E!

5. Sarah Palin: Let’s just be honest with ourselves—this woman isn’t going anywhere. She knew the second she ran for VP she’d be sticking around, even after the loss to Obama/Biden. Her new reality show about Alaska is keeping her busy, not to mention those paychecks for public speaking.

4. Tila Tequila: This ex-stripper’s escapades are getting real old and making us nauseas. From claiming she was beaten by her ex-boyfriend, to being engaged to the late heiress Casey Johnson, to feigning pregnancies, to going grocery shopping in her lingerie…we can’t keep up. Sadly, we hear she has a new reality show in the works. Talk about famewhore.

3. Jon Gosselin: He was the husband that made us viewers go aww. Then he decided to leave his wife, update his wardrobe with bedazzled Ed Hardy gear and date a twenty somethings. This guy spells douche with a capitol D, and he should really think about the damage he’s doing to his children by acting so childish.

2. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: They’re so special that we linked them together. Heidi and Spencer are the best attention grabbers in Hollywood, willing to stage a pic at the drop of a hat if it means making dirty money off it. Heidi’s atrocious singing voice and ridiculous-looking new plastic body have made her the butt of every joke in town. Spencer is so hated that they don’t even have any friends left, let alone family members who talk to them. It’s going to be a rude awakening when The Hills ends. And that sexual lawsuit….come on!

1. Kate Gosselin: Sorry Kate, but it’s time to pack it in and move back to PA. She finally got the boot off DWTS this week, and instead of quietly disappearing, we hear she’s got lots in the works, including more reality shows and books. The poor kids have a D-bag for a dad already; the least she can do is provide a normal life for them without the cameras rolling every second.