Sneak Peak at Kate Plus 8

June 2, 2010 By:
Sneak Peak at Kate Plus 8

Grace yourselves, Kate Gosselin is back--and so are her kids.

Kate's new TV effort is the revamped Kate Plus 8, which will feature life post D-bag Jon. TLC camera crews are already at the Gosselin family home in Wernersville, PA and the kids couldn't be more thrilled about being back on TV.

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"They are so happy to have our crew back and so happy to be doing adventures in the world," Gosselin told People magazine. "Life is good!

While Kate and the kids are back on camera making hundreds of thousands of dollars, Jon Gosselin is attempting to find a 9-5 job so he can pay his bills. You effed up Jon, you effed up!

The show is set to kick off this coming Sunday, June 6, on TLC. Check out the sneak peak here. Will you be watching?