Kate Gosselin's Kids Back to Reality

April 26, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin's Kids Back to Reality

Kate Gosselin doesn’t waste any time between reality shows! The mom of eight just got kicked off Dancing with the Stars last week and is already moving on to her next project.

Her next foray into TV is a reality show about her life after Jon. The big question was whether the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry would allow the children to be on the show.

DWTS Finally Gives Kate Gosselin the Boot

Last week, Kate’s brother and sister-in-law made a huge stink about the kids appearing on the show, saying it was borderline child abuse. But the state officials decided today that the kids would be permitted to be on the new show, entitled Kate Plus 8, alongside their mother. There’s one stipulation—they must get child labor permits this time, something they didn’t have on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The kids are probably rolling their eyes that they have to continue to be on camera. They could probably use a little privacy in their lives!

Do you think Kate is doing her kids a disservice by having them be on another reality show? Or is she just trying to pay the bills and provide for them?