Kate Gosselin to Try for Full Custody of Kids

August 26, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin to Try for Full Custody of Kids

The fight continues between Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin. While Jon has expressed his dissatisfaction with Kate’s recent media storm, Kate is focused solely on the future of their eight children. And apparently Kate is trying to get full custody of the children!

In a new interview with People magazine, Kate says, “Sometimes I feel like it's a 15-year-old I'm getting divorced from.”

She also totally disagrees with him dating Hailey Glassman, saying, "I don't care if she were the most upstanding, marvelous, full-of-integrity person in the world, it is just too soon.”

Well, she’s probably right about that! Radar caught up with Jon this morning to ask what he thought about the People article entitled “Kate Strikes Back.” Jon said, “I haven’t done anything. I can’t really comment on it. But I’m sure in the future I’ll have plenty to say.”

But before Jon gets ahead of himself, we now hear Kate is going to try and use footage from the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 to get full custody.

A source tells Ok! that Kate had planned to split custody 50/50, but reconsidered when her kids called while an unapproved babysitter, Stephanie Santoro, was on duty on August 13th.

The insider tells the magazine, “She doesn’t feel comfortable allowing Jon to have custody when she can’t trust him to keep them safe. When Jon starts acting like an adult, she’ll reconsider.”

Jon is just digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself! We wouldn’t be surprised if Kate ended up with full custody based on the way he’s been acting in recent weeks.

If that happens, Kate’s going to need a whole lot of babysitters!