Kate Gosselin to Ruin the Emmys

August 9, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin to Ruin the Emmys

We were looking forward to the Emmys at the end of this month…until now. According to E!, Kate Gosselin will be a part of the televised event.

And NO, she’s not nominated for anything, nor has she been selected as a presenter for the evening. So why of earth is she going to be there??

According to the report, the reality mom of eight is teaming up with the show’s host Jimmy Fallon. Poor guy! The skit will take place right at the top of the show, which we think is pretty ballsy.

People hate that woman so much that it might make some viewers turn off their televisions altogether! But from what we hear, the “surprise” act is extremely funny.

What did Jimmy Fallon do to deserve this?! Ok, we are a little interested to see what they come up with.