Kate Gosselin Thinks She'll Win DWTS

March 2, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin Thinks She'll Win DWTS

Guess everyone can just go home now, because Kate Gosselin is convinced she's going to win Dancing with the Stars. After the full cast list was announced last night, Kate appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her new project.

She told Jimmy, "I am gonna win." When asked if she was a competitive person, Kate replied, "Have you watched my show?"

She also thinks her biggest competition on the show will be Pamela Anderson and Nicole Scherzinger. But she's got eight built-in fans who she plans on taking advantage of. She added, "[Daughter] Mady asked if she can vote for me? I said, 'Yes, please do.'"

As for practicing, Kate says her professional dance partner for the show Tony Dovolani will travel back and forth from LA to Wernersville, PA with her. When they're at school, 'I'll go to a local studio," Gosselin told Kimmel. "The whole goal is obviously to be at home as much as I can and I'll come home back-and-forth each week. If I can cook dinner and dance, I'll be doing really well."

As confident as Kate seems, she admits she's never had any formal dance training. "I was never coordinated enough, which is a problem with dancing, but I can run," she said. "I am going to give it my all!"

At least she seems to be happy, which is a side of her we haven't seen in months! We wish Kate and the rest of the contestants luck!