Kate Gosselin: The Kids Hate Being at Jon's

September 10, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin: The Kids Hate Being at Jon's

Guess we're not the only ones who can't stand Jon Gosselin--his kids are totally over him too.

Kate Gosselin was a special guest on Live with Regis and Kelly where she confessed their eight kids pretty much hate being over at Dads apartment.

She said every time they get dropped off at Jon's apartment she "basically wait[s] for the phone call from how many of them want to come home."

Jon's residence, she explained, "is not [their] home; it doesn't feel like home to them ... they want to be at home -- in their house" in Wernersville, Penn.

They've been divorced for a while now, but the tension is still very much there. "It's...you know," she said. "I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible." The level of tension "depends on the day."

We don't blame the kids for not wanting to be there. Who would wanna hang out with Jon in a small apartment all day?