Kate Gosselin: Spiky & Cranky Vs. Tanorexic & Botoxed

June 25, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin: Spiky & Cranky Vs. Tanorexic & Botoxed
Kate Gosselin has gone through a lot of changes this past year. And we’re not even going to mention her divorce from Jon Gosselin. This post is dedicated solely to her ever-changing look in recent months.

Old Kate: Her haircut was so infamous that people were donning copycat wigs for Halloween. She was the a typical mom with the bad haircut and dorky outfits. She seemed angry all the time, whether is was during a confessional on her show Jon & Kate Plus 8, or if the paps caught her exiting her minivan.

We know now that she was gearing up to tell the world her marriage to Jon was over, and nothing could have prepared us for the media storm that followed. We hated her spiky porcupine-like hairdo and Capri jeans with platform flip flops then, but now we’re sort of missing that small town girl quality about her.

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New Kate: Dancing With the Stars changed everything for Kate. She never quite mastered the dance floor, but she became a pro at one thing: spray tanning. Like all DWTS contestants, Kate got regularly sprayed, along with some fresh new extensions in her hair. We were liking the new improvements, but now she seems to have gone too far.

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Now back in PA with her kids and shooting her new TLC show Kate Plus 8, she’s still stuck on the LA lifestyle. Recent pics show that she may have overdone it with the Botox, and we’re hoping she takes a break from it!

Hollyscoop spoke with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Garo Kassabian- who has not treated Kate Gosselin, and he says she’s a victim of a botched job!

“Kate had a youthful appearance with a natural brow arch in the previous photograph,” said Dr. Garo Kassabian. “Unfortunately, it appears that Kate has been the victim of improper placement and poor technique of Botox or Dysport, without any regard to her natural features.”

He continued, “This is typical to medical professionals that use a standard injection technique instead of customizing the injection for each patient.”

“Lucky for Kate, it can be easily corrected to restore her natural look by a board certified cosmetic surgeon who can use proper technique, taking into consideration her natural features and anatomy.”

Phew! At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our advice to Kate? Find a balance between country bumpkin and Hollywood glam girl. That overdone look may be standard in Hollywood, but it doesn’t really fly in the backwoods of Pennsylvania.