Kate Gosselin Slams Claims She Cheated on John

May 12, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin Slams Claims She Cheated on John

Could the “cheatee” be the cheater???

The drama continues in the Gosselin family, as the latest rumor is that Kate Gosselin has been cheating on her husband John as well.

Stories that Kate has been having an affair with the family’s bodyguard Steve Neild are running rampant, and Kate is “horrified” by the claims.

She tells People, “"The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family. Already the allegations they're making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified."

"These are people who absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end. Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we've spent holidays together, because, in this situation, your circle grows smaller and smaller, and it's very natural to become friends with your manager, your publicist, your security team ... they're the only people you have left. And now they're coming under fire."

Kate says she’s been begging Neild and his family not to leave her family at this tough time, even though they’re the latest to come under media scrutiny.

Kate tells People, “We willingly made a conscious decision to put this out there. Our friends and family did not. I had no idea we would potentially take down the people that we love around us."

She adds: "It's like saying, 'Thanks for your support, let me sic the paparazzi on you.' It's very very difficult. It leaves us, essentially, alone and friendless. It's terrible.”

For now, Kate just says she’s focusing on her family and is wondering when all of this will stop. The answer, sadly, is that it’ll probably stop when a bigger scandal comes along. And in Hollywood, that should be any day now!