Kate Gosselin Says Everything is Falling Apart

May 22, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin Says Everything is Falling Apart

TLC is really pulling out all the stops! They’ve released a brand new preview video for season five of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and this one focuses on all the juicy stuff! Who cares that the show is supposed to be about their adorable litter of kids, when we have cheating rumors on both sides!

Jon Gosselin tells the cameras, “I might as well be in prison.” And we’re not sure whether he’s talking about the recent paparazzi invasion on his life, or just his life in general living with his wife.

Kate Gosselin echoes Jon’s statement, saying, “Everything’s falling apart. I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders.” Well, the only thing we see on her shoulders is that one damn piece of striped hair that needs a good snipping at the barbershop! It’s a distraction!

New reports suggest that Jon and Kate’s marriage is definitely over, and that he even lives in an apartment above the garage of their $1 million dollar home TLC bought for them.

Click here to see the new video, and tune in Monday May 25th for the season premiere! Because nothing says Memorial Day like a good ole fashioned American reality show couple cheating on each other to boost ratings!