Kate Gosselin Refuses to Give Daughter Water

June 12, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin Refuses to Give Daughter Water

Someone call child protection services! To say Kate Gosselin is a strict mother would be an understatement, she's just plain mean!

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Kate refused to give her daughter Mady some water even after she complained of being "dehydrated."

"I want a drink!" Mady complains in the video. "I haven't had a drink all day."

Kate ignores her at first then Mady add, "Mom, I'm going to get dehydrated," to which Kate snaps back, "Yeah me too." Kate tells her there's no time for water because they have to do a TV interview.

After Mady starts crying Kate then asks for a bottle of water only to drink it in front of her then refuses to give her any. "You're really, really mean," cries Mady. "You drank it right in front of me!"

Check out the shocking clip of Kate acting like a mother from hell below. We feel sorry for these kids!