Kate Gosselin is Desperate for a Date

August 8, 2011 By:
Kate Gosselin is Desperate for a Date

Kate Gosselin’s ready to play the dating game.

She’s been spending the past few years working on her MILF cred, and she showed up to the Today show on Monday morning looking pretty good, especially for someone who has to deal with eight kids every day. Even Ann Curry commented on it:

“Boy, you look beautiful this morning,” Curry said.

Gosselin also made the announcement that she was “definitely ready to start dating,” but added that there are some obstacles. No kidding. It’s hard enough to date with one kid, much less eight. Hell, it’s hard to date with zero kids.

"I have eight kids, I have a crazy work schedule, I'm known," said Gosselin. "It's sort of daunting when I think about the obstacles. I'm hoping that person is out there, because the kids on a daily basis are just begging me to get married again. They bring it up all the time."

Since Kate Gosselin’s divorce to Jon Gosselin in 2009, it’s no secret that Kate has been undergoing a massive makeover. Sure, it’s taken three years to go from before to after, but you know, chasing after a clan of children keeps you pretty busy.

First, there was the free tummy tuck she got from shooting Jon & Kate Plus 8. She made headlines when she showed up on a North Carolina beach showing off her trim bikini bod.

Then, she finally ditched the “reverse mullet”, opting for a more updated, blonde hairdo. But Gosselin said she never regretted the haircut:

“Back when I had eight very small children I made the decision to cut it very short. I thought it through. I think everything through, and I remember thinking I can either wake up in the morning and have no time to do a thing ... So I would answer the door looking like a fright ... Or get it cut short where literally I could roll out of bed in the morning and not touch it and it looked literally exactly the same.”

Kate also had a stint on Dancing With the Stars, and if it wasn’t official by then that she had arrived in Hollywood, she also graced the cover of People.

Then, last December, she guest starred on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It was called “a TLC match made in heaven, or hell.” Palin took Kate’s brood camping in the Alaskan wilderness. Watching Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin together was bizarre, but Kate most likely just needed a babysitter.

And while she’s gotten a lot of criticism for slacking on her mom duties for the glitz of stardom, I guess we’ll get to see for ourselves if her parenting skills are lacking.

"I'm not going to lie, it's really settling in now two years later being a single mom of eight kids. It's difficult,” Kate explains. “I've had a lot of difficult moments and stressful moments, and you're going to see it (on the show), the good, the bad and the ugly."

Kate Gosselin’s Kate Plus 8 premieres on TLC Monday at 8 p.m. PST with back-to-back episodes.