Kate Gosselin Gets Primary Custody of the Kids

November 23, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin Gets Primary Custody of the Kids

The era of Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin may finally be coming to a close.

The final episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs tonight, and we hear they’ve come to an agreement regarding the custody of their children as well.

According to TMZ, Kate is getting primary custody of the children, and Jon isn’t going to fight her on it!

The estranged couple met with their respective lawyers on Saturday in Pennsylvania to discuss the agreement, and Jon didn’t want to fight his ex-wife on shared custody.

But this doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. Now Jon and Kate get to focus on how their assets will be divided, including their home where their reality show was filmed.

The divorce will reportedly be final in January. It sounds like Jon is trying to stay in Kate’s good graces; he brought her a dozen roses to the arbitration meeting. It’s just a little too late for that now, Jon!