Kate Gosselin Calls Jon's Behavior Hurtful

August 10, 2009 By:
Kate Gosselin Calls Jon's Behavior Hurtful

Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today show this morning, which was her first TV appearance since announcing her split from Jon Gosselin. Since then, we’ve seen a whole lot of Jon Gosselin, out and about with what seems to be a different girl each night.

When asked about how she felt, Kate told Meredith Viera, "I was shocked, but those things... to be very honest, that's his life and they don't affect me directly at this point."

"It is hurtful. It's very hurtful. To be very honest, the most hurtful part is when his decisions directly affect our children. That's the hardest part for me."

Kate also says she’s trying to hold it together for the sake of her children. She says, "I am determined to hang in there. What life hands me, I am going to do and deal with. My focus still, as I've always said -- as I will always say -- is the health and well being of my children, as well as myself."

"I want my children to see a mother who is committed to her children, who is determined, who has integrity, perseverance and never gives up. I want my children to see that everything I've done for them is out of love.”

And that also means Kate still wears her wedding ring. She says, "I don't want to upset them. While I've been very real and as honest as I need to be, I don't want to shock them. I've walked slowly through this with them. As they've asked questions, I've answered them."

Kate is obviously dealing a lot more with the eight children than Jon is. He’s treating this divorce like his cue to go play! At least Kate has her children in mind and isn’t out every night with a new guy.

If they’re not the poster children for the reason not to have your own reality show, we don’t know who is!

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