Kate Gosselin Back on DWTS

May 4, 2010 By:
Kate Gosselin Back on DWTS

Kate Gosselin got kicked off Dancing with the Stars two weeks ago, but she’s already planning her return! The mom of eight just can’t seem to get enough of the Hollywood lifestyle, and will be coming back to the show this month.

Kate blogged about the news today saying, "I think there better be one more dance left in me. C'mon, I know you missed my unique dance style!"

Kate Gosselin's Kids Back to Reality

She hasn’t exactly been doing a whole bunch of dancing since getting the boot, and even said, "The day has come... my dance shoes (all six dirty well-used pairs of them ) have begun collecting dust. In the haste of everything, I had left them in the basement on a shelf without another thought.”

She did say that she misses her co-stars on the show. “Ohhhh suddenly I missed EVERYTHING about dancing,” Kate wrote. “Not only the friends I have made and stay in touch with almost daily, but also learning the steps and even the fear of sudden death that the dance floor caused me!”

She continued, “Without a doubt, Dancing with the Stars was a life-changing experience. I learned many valuable lessons and many things about myself. I had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people -- many of whom I'll remain friends with long beyond our days of dance. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

Get ready for the DWTS finale on May 24, 25!!! I'll be there...”

Word to the wise, Kate: keep practicing so you can redeem yourself!