Jon and Kate in Court to Discuss Missing Money

October 13, 2009 By:
Jon and Kate in Court to Discuss Missing Money

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin were in court this morning in Pennsylvania to separately meet with their attorneys and an arbitrator to discuss a large amount of money allegedly missing from their bank account.

Kate claims Jon withdrew $230,000 from their joint savings account, leaving her unable to pay her bills. Jon on the other hand, is accusing Kate of taking $100,000 from the same account.

The hearing this morning lasted one hour, and the Judge Arthur Tilson reportedly asked the couple to work something out amicably. He set a new hearing for October 26th.

Judge Tilson told them he wants the money that's been taken out of the account to be returned immediately. He also told the Gosselins on Tuesday that he realizes they want their privacy, but the hearing will be made public.

At this point, does that even matter? Their entire lives have been spewed all over the tabloids for the last 6 months! A private hearing almost doesn’t make sense!