Jon & Kate to Appear in Court Today

October 26, 2009 By:
Jon & Kate to Appear in Court Today

World War III is about to erupt. Jon Gosselin is set to face his soon to be ex wife Kate Gosselin in court today--and we have a feeling things are going to get ugly.

They will both present themselves in front of a Montgomery County judge Monday morning, who will initiate contempt proceedings against either one of them, reports People magazine.

On Oct. 13th, Judge Arthur Tilson ordered Jon to return the $180,000 he took from their joint bank account by October 26th. On Friday Jon's lawyer Mark Heller said his client was in "complete compliance" and had returned the money, but he actually only returned $28,500.

His lawyer then added that he had a check for the remaining balance, but if that were true, both parties wouldn't have been scheduled to appear in court today. Jon had until Monday to return the money.

The judge also wanted to know why Kate withdrew $55,000 from an account they also shared, but according to her lawyer Mark Momjian, Kate had itemized how she spent the money she withdrew and had turned the paperwork into the court before the deadline.

Stay tuned...things are about to get ugly!