Jon & Kate Movie in the Works

May 19, 2009 By:
Jon & Kate Movie in the Works

As if we need to see more of these two!!

Jon and Kate Gosselin are reportedly in talks to develop a movie based on their hit TLC reality series. We wonder if this happened “pre” or “post” alleged affairs!

This comes as a shock since Kate willingly admitted to People last week that she didn’t know whether or not her marriage to Jon would weather the storm when all was said and done.

However, we hear the couple is interested in taking that next step and creating a movie about their hardships and family life.

A source tells The Chicago Sun-Times that Jon and Kate won’t play themselves. Rather, it will be played by “two unknown actors, picked for physical similarities to the Gosselins…Unknown…..kind of like Kate and Jon were before this all started.”

The movie would be made-for-TV, and based on the public’s fascination with them at the moment, we think it would do very well. In addition, Jon and Kate are in discussions for a book deal to show how they made the initial leap into the public eye.

Ahem…we’re pretty sure it had something to do with that alleged $75K they’re making per episode. Would you watch a Jon & Kate movie?